Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

Pre-planning, pre-arranging, and pre-need planning are terms used to describe the process you and your family go through with a licensed funeral director in which decisions are made in advance about the manner you desire your funeral or your loved one's funeral service to be performed.

As with any major life event, getting accurate and complete information ahead of time avoids confusion and lessens stress. The process of pre-arranging a funeral before a serious illness or death occurs allows you and your family to become aware of the options available, the costs involved, and your personal preferences. This detailed information along with the necessary vital statistics are kept on file in the funeral home until the need for services arises. You and your family have peace of mind that your wishes have been clearly established.

Pre-Payment Option

Pre-payment is an option, but not a necessity. Pre-payment in full does have some advantages:

  • Protects the cost of the funeral home's professional services and merchandise selection (non -funeral home expenses such as cemetery/cremation charges, clergy, music honorarium, legal fee's, etc. are not guaranteed)
  • Provides a means of "spending down assets" in preparation for government assisted long term care
  • Removes some of the burden of the financial responsibility of survivors

How Does Pre-Payment Work?

  • Cost of all selected aspects of the funeral are calculated at the present prices
  • Cost of total funeral is pre-paid in full to the funeral home
  • The money is invested in a Funeral Trust
  • The investment earns interest until the death occurs
  • Interest accumulated in the trust is used to offset the current cost of the previously selected funeral options
  • Should there not be enough money in the trust, the funeral home absorbs the loss (except for non-funeral home expenses)

It is our intention to provide each family with the highest quality of professional service and facilities. If there are particular desires or requests to fulfill your family's individual needs, please feel free to discuss them with us.

Funeral pre-arranging is conducted by a licensed funeral director, preferably by appointment. However, printed funeral information and price lists are available for pick up at the funeral home (Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm) or by calling for mailing.

If you would like to meet with us either at your home or at our facilities, or if you simply have some questions about pre-arranging, please feel free to call our Brockton office at (508) 586-0254 or our West Bridgewater office at (508) 586-1700.

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