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Russell & Pica Funeral Home

Traditional Funeral Services

PictureTraditional Funerals consist of the Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff, Transfer of Deceased to funeral home from place of death, Embalming, Dressing and placement of the deceased in the casket, Use of facilities and staff for visitation (2 hours), Use of facilities and staff to conduct funeral service in funeral home or church, Use of hearse to Cemetery or Crematory, and Use of Service Car to obtain permits. The costs of a traditional funeral including a basic casket start at $5,875.00.

When you trust your loved one to the care of the Russell & Pica Funeral Home, we guarantee that you will receive a complete general price list and will discuss the various types of services that are available. It is our intention to provide each family with the highest quality of professional service and facilities. The prices below are taken from our General Price List for a Traditional Funeral.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have and we promise to work with you to make sure that you feel confident about the decisions you make. Please feel free to call our office at 508-586-0254 if you have any questions.

Download Our Price List (PDF)

Traditional Funeral Pricing

Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff $2,095.00
Embalming $725.00
Dressing and Casketing $175.00
Use of our Facility and Staff for Visitation (4 hours) $750.00
Use of our Facility and Staff for Funeral Service in our Funeral Home or Church (Monday-Friday) $600.00
Transfer of Deceased to Funeral Home $375.00
Use of Hearse to Cemetery or Crematory (Local) $375.00
Use of Service Car (Obtain Permits) $85.00
Standard Casket $695.00
Total Funeral Home Costs $5,875.00.
Additional Costs
Limousine for Family (7 Passengers) $325.00
Death Certificates (Brockton) $20.00 each
Burial Permit (Brockton) $10.00
Brockton Enterprise Newspaper (1 days) $175.00 approx.
Local Catholic Churches (Mass and Music) $500.00
Clergy Fee for Services in Funeral Home $200.00

Cemetery Charges

Calvary Cemetery, Brockton:  
Single Grave: $1050.00 – 2 grave lots required for Upright Headstone (price not included)

Grave Opening: $1150.00 (Mon-Fri)
$1,650.00 (Sat. and holidays 8am to noon) after noon fee on Sat. $425.00/hour

Grave Liner: (Standard-2 Piece Cover) $525.00

Cremation Opening: $375.00 (Mon-Fri)
$750.00 (Sat - before Noon Only)
$300.00 New Lot
$175.00 Cremation Liner (required)

Melrose Cemetery, Brockton:  
Single Grave: $1,010.00 ($10 deed is included in price)
2 grave lots required for Upright Headstone (price not included)

Grave Opening: $1,000.00 (Mon-Fri) $1,200.00 (Sat)

Grave Liner: $475.00

Baby Grave: $250.00, $550.00 (Sat)

Cremation Opening: $300.00, $600.00 (Sat)


Pine Hill Cemetery: Bridgewater  
Two Grave Lot: (Double Depth): Start at $2,500.00

Grave Opening: $1000.00 (Mon-Fri) $1,300.00 (Sat)

Second Opening (Double Depth): $500.00 (Mon.-Fri) $700.00 (Sat)

Custom Vault: $740.00

VA Marker Installation $125.00

Cremation Opening $600.00 (Mon-Fri) $800.00 (Sat)
Cremation Vault Required- $125.00
Columbarium- $1600.00 per Niche

Tent $200.00

Monument Companies  
EASTON MEMORIAL 170 Washington Street, North Easton (508-230-2449)

MAVER MEMORIAL 79 North Pearl Street, Brockton (508-586-7089)